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Who We Are

U.S. News & World Report is a multifunctional digital media firm dedicated to assisting consumers, corporate leaders, and policymakers in making critical life decisions. We produce independent reporting, rankings, journalism, and recommendations based on world-class data and technology that has won the trust of our readers and users for nearly 2 years. Education, Health, Money, Travel, Cars, News, and 360 Reviews are among the platforms available on

We contact over 40 million individuals every month at times when they are most in need of professional advice and motivated to act on it directly on our platforms. Our “Best” series of consumer guides on universities, graduate schools, hospitals, diets, autos, financial services, and more is one of our signature franchises. These guidelines present consumers with an easy-to-understand and compare list to help them make smarter judgments. On our website and in print, we continue to issue annual guides of the official Best Colleges and Best Hospitals rankings. Our signature U.S. News Live conferences, such as Healthcare of Tomorrow and Healthiest Communities, highlight vital national topics.

We’re delighted to have been one of the first legacy media companies to make the switch to a totally digital strategy about a decade ago. Our multifaceted business approach engages consumers at every stage of the decision-making process and enables our corporate partners to achieve their business goals through brand advertising, performance marketing, e-commerce, brand awareness, and thought-leadership programmes.

Our Core Values


Informed and Motivated

The viewers of US News come to us with a certain goal in mind. Our mission is to provide information that will assist people in making the greatest decisions possible by educating, informing, and inspiring them. Learn more about our target market.


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In its reporting, U.S. News is editorially independent. We uphold the ethical journalism standards of truthfulness, fairness, and thoroughness in the open sharing of information. Find out more about our editorial policies.


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We deliver news, rankings, and recommendations across a wide range of issues that are essential to our customers’ lives using fact-based data from a variety of sources.


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We’ve always tried to make it as easy as possible for our users to get the information they require. Our cutting-edge technology connects the people who come to us — curious minds, decision-makers, buyers, and sellers – with what they are looking for.