Dodge Is Teasing A Challenger-Based Maverick Fighter As Its Upcoming ‘Rampage’

When you are the head of design for a vehicle manufacturer, you have many hats to wear. One of them involves generating anticipation without showing your hand. Car manufacturers never disclose their plans. But this rendering from a yearly design competition that Dodge holds is being hyped as the future “RAMpage,” which will compete against the Ford Maverick. It is an unusual combination of a contemporary car turned into a “what if,” even though the Instagram post maintains its goal to generate some excitement for a brand that hasn’t altered much in a decade.

Why is the Challenger Ute Rampage mashup being promoted?

Dodge/Ram/Stellantis occasionally hosts a design competition for high school students who are interested in developing automobiles. Ralph Gilles, the head of Stellantis design, and Mark Trostle, the external designer for Ram Truck, both shared this 2020 contest entry on their Instagram pages. Both achieved their goal of generating buzz by doing this.

Coincidentally, Stellantis has requested a trademark for “Rampage” in Mexico. The trademark is for “passenger motor vehicles,” according to the filing. So far, so good.

However, speculative claims that this suggests the “Rampage” trademark sought for is for this imaginative 2020 contest entry are regrettably absurd. Wouldn’t it be great if Dodge made this Challenger El Camino pickup to compete with the Ford Maverick? Absolutely. Is there a chance it’s genuine? Without a doubt.

Dodge and Chrysler need more products

Products are required by Stellantis for both Chrysler and Dodge. The outdated products from both brands are exactly that. But using an outdated platform and investing in the necessary tooling, development, and overhead won’t be feasible.

The company now produces a large number of automobiles for other nations that may easily fit the criteria. They appear to be brand-new cars built from the ground up to compete with the Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. However, in actuality, they are vehicles that have been manufactured elsewhere for years.

An illustration would be the Fiat Strada and its Ram 700 clone. In 2021, both minitrucks received upgrades. They therefore require far less work and expenditure to assimilate into the United States because they already exist, are brand new, and have all of the emissions and safety features to draw purchasers.

Should Dodge make a Challenger Rampage Ute?

For its various brands and markets, Stellantis has allotted billions of dollars to the development of new vehicles. It doesn’t include creating a minitruck version of a package that was released in 2008 and built on an architecture that was first introduced in 2004. The Challenger architecture is 20 years old, for the math-challenged.

However, we admire Stellantis Design’s audacity in claiming that this Dodge Challenger combination has some thought put into potential future models. A hybrid built on a 20-year-old architecture is as far from consideration as bringing back the Dodge Polara from the 1960s, though, if Dodge is looking to the future.

By the way, the Challenger Ute idea is fantastic. Hire the high school student that came up with this, Stellantis Design. Who knows, he might advance to the position of Stellantis’ next head of design.

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Dodge Is Teasing A Challenger-Based Maverick Fighter As Its Upcoming ‘Rampage’

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