Henry Winkler Unpacks ‘Barry’ Season 3 Finale, Reacts to HBO Comedy’s Emmy Nominations

“Wow.” Both the Barry Season 3 finale and the recognition the HBO sitcom garnered when the 2022 Emmy nominations were revealed on July 12 and it had 14 nominations are best summed up in that manner. Bill Hader is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, and two Outstanding Supporting Actor in Comedy Series awards (Anthony Carrigan and Henry Winkler).

These follow the conclusion of the third season, which saw Gene (Winkler) turn in Barry (Hader). Therefore, we had to check if we could find out what would happen after that when we spoke with Winkler about his Emmy nomination.

Thank you for your nomination, as well as Barry’s 14! That’s incredible.

Henry Winkler: I appreciate it. Indeed, it is. For me, this season marked a turning point.

It was crazy. Such a wonderful season it was.

I’m grateful. If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage, I remember hearing early in my career in the theatre. Additionally, this group of people writes in a truly remarkable manner.

The acting, directing, and writing on the programme are all outstanding.

Yeah. I’m grateful.

Discuss how you learned about the nomination.

I was enjoying some TV. I was enjoying seeing JB Smoove since he is very smooth and enjoyable to watch. When I saw my name on the list at emmys.com, I went there right away and thought, “Hey, that’s an OK photo.” Then my kids called, and I started receiving really sweet tweets, texts, and emails.

I was quite proud of myself because I would be at home working on the script and feeling prepared. I’ll just unwind and drink a V8 with some ice and lemon, and I’ll be fine. I suddenly find myself in Los Angeles, enter the set, and Bill drives me to Peru. I didn’t even consider his intended destination. Alec Berg and Bill Hader make terrific bosses together. They are perceptive. They are humorous. They make excellent authors and directors. Additionally, the crew and set have a “no idiots” policy, which I cleaned up for the newspaper. When you are acting your heart out to a piece of pink tape on the side of the lens box while filming a scene, and the operator, after the take, leans out from behind the lens and the viewfinder to look at you and simply exclaims, “Wow.” Then you reflect, “Wow, that’s really like winning an Oscar.”

Speaking of awe, this season’s Gene arc. What jumps out to you as you reflect on the past?

I suddenly begin to consider killing this man. I’m in his trunk as my gun disintegrates. Just so you know, I wasn’t joking when I asked if I could eat before you took off since I was going to feel queasy. I spent a long time in the trunk. Bill just remarked, “They’re going to see just how excellent an actor Gene is,” before that. And when he told me early on, I had no concept what he meant. Then I understood.

Then you get to the climax, which was both daring and unavoidable once Gene learned the truth.

Absolutely. When it all comes down to it, Gene was willing to let someone in and truly loved this woman from the tips of his toes before Barry shot her.

What can you reveal about what will happen to the two after the conclusion?

I am clueless. I am not joking. You learn very nothing from them. I believe Bill will direct all eight. He truly is unbelievable. Together, they alternate between writing, directing, and Bill’s performing.

What do you anticipate the interaction between Barry and Gene to be going forward?

Barry probably isn’t pleased with Gene, in my opinion. Barry must be ANGRY right now.

What about Gene, then?

Gene must be terrified out of his mind, in my opinion. Wow, such a gutsy approach, you said. And I believe that was perhaps his most audacious action to date.

Do you think he could regret not killing him instead of turning him in?

Oh, that’s an excellent question. I’m not sure… On the one hand, I would like to finish it. But I’m still in danger, you see.

Then there’s the matter of whether Gene would go so far as to take someone’s life.

Also accurate. I was prepared to take things all the way in the gun-wielding scene in my workplace. The rifle breaking apart was something I had not anticipated.

In comparison to where he was at the start of Season 3, how do you believe Gene feels about himself now?

He altered from minute to minute. He says, “I’m so furious, I’m going to take this man and either kill him or give him in,” before saying, “Hey, listen, let’s forget the whole thing.” No, I wasn’t going to say anything, you know. I’ll swear to you on the life of my grandchild. Then Barry appears and declares that “this one and that one are going to be gone.” There was a constant feeling of “Oh my God.”

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