Kai Jones’ struggles, LiAngelo Ball’s return dot the Hornets’ summer league landscape

Don’t try to tell Kai Jones that the summer league games don’t matter.

The rangy big man for the Charlotte Hornets, Jones, wasn’t happy with his play in the team’s first Las Vegas Summer League loss to Indiana, 94-86. He is aware of the similarities even though he is not solely concentrating on his particular numbers.

Jones stated, “The team comes first.” And because I’m out there for the majority of the time and have the greatest impact on the team due to my ability to play on both ends, I believe the team will succeed when I perform well. Therefore, I believe that the squad will perform better the better I play. Therefore, I would conclude that (Friday), I am to blame. I must make shots, zero in, and concentrate.

Jones had trouble shooting against the Pacers, scoring just 12 points on 5 of 15 attempts but also grabbing nine rebounds. He struggled mightily from beyond the arc, missing all ten of his efforts.

Jones did not intend to begin a crucial offseason for his overall development in that manner. He recognises why it’s important for him to mature and maintain his composure after trying experiences.

It’s important for life in general, just to be there, added Jones. “I had a sense of being there on Friday. You see, I was there in the moment. Hold my follow-through, please. Shots were fired both in and out. Just keep firing and never give up.

That is the main focus. preparing for the next shot properly and having confidence in your abilities.

In other words, always maintain your confidence. Don’t let it waver.

Since Jones began playing the game as a teenager, nothing will be simple for him. He is a native of the Bahamas. With the 21-year-old, patience and context are crucial.

The most important thing for Kai, according to Hornets summer league coach Jordan Surenkamp, is to keep things simple. “And that applies to everyone. A simple game is basketball. Just keep things straightforward on both sides of the ball. His enthusiasm is quite contagious. And just like he did on Friday, he takes great care of our squad.

He is someone who gives us a spark when we need one. Again, we advise him to keep things straightforward like we do for all the males. He has yet another chance to learn something.

Jones claims to be making notes in his head. He is the harshest critic of himself and is looking for concrete results as he tries to work his way into the Steve Clifford-led Hornets’ starting rotation. His overall success is going to depend on perfecting his jumper.

“Honestly, I think I might have been more concentrated on the first couple of strokes in the beginning,” said Jones. “… I thought I left a couple of my photos a little early. I just started jogging back after feeling like it was going in. Basketball seems to want me to focus on the now and follow along. I’m inferring that from the game.


At practise on Saturday, a well-known face was noticed.

After satisfying the league’s health and safety requirements and landing in town right after a flight, LiAngelo Ball returned to the action. Ball skipped the Hornets’ summer league debut and the whole minicamp that took place before they arrived in the desert midweek.

If used, Ball, a fan favourite in Las Vegas last season, might give the Hornets another option. It might not take long to get him up to speed strategically either.

Surenkamp remarked, “He gives us a lot of value in terms of shooting the ball. His size, as a bigger child, allows him to switch, play, and defend numerous positions after pindowns (positions). He was with us in Greensboro, so he already has some solid conceptual understanding of what we are doing. We will need to work on some defensive stuff for him, but in all honesty, I believe he will be in a fantastic spot.

mentally, at least. Physically, things can be different.

“Where is he at in terms of conditioning, I think, is the main concern with us with him?” said Surenkamp. He has been observing health and safety regulations while sitting in a hotel room. We must thus assess that information while naturally discussing it with Coach Clifford and the team to continue working out the details of our rotations and other arrangements.

Surenkamp is attempting to nurture development while balancing gameplan-specific conditions and predefined lineup combinations.

It is difficult to get that right.

Yes, it’s something that the organisation will need to continue discussing, Surenkamp said. “Friday at the game, you kind of saw it. Kai hasn’t necessarily played the “4” a lot previously, but he is doing so now. Therefore, there was some learning involved with him. The same scenario happened when JT Thor briefly played at the “3.” JT hasn’t worked on that project very much.

So, it served as a chance for our coaching staff and our organisation to be evaluated. However, in terms of how it will all work together over the course of the following couple of games, we still need to talk about it and give guys more chances. We want to do everything we can to put the players in the best possible situation, but there are also some chances that need to be evaluated.


The events that occurred to one of the Hornets’ own on Thursday pained them.

In practise, Scottie Lewis was playing defence when he went to plant, according to a league source, and all of his teammates were immediately alarmed. Later that evening, Lewis underwent surgery to fix a fracture in his lower left leg.

His recuperation has no set date, but his rehabilitation will be significant. Lewis’ summer had already over before it even started.

Surenkamp remarked, “It’s hard. “Scottie has worked as hard as anyone this offseason to get to this point, so any injury at all for anyone — whether it’s the Hornets or not — is something you never want to see,” said the author. As a coach, a member of an organisation, or a teammate, you certainly don’t want to see this kind of circumstance.

But he’ll bounce back stronger. He’s a tough child. He wants us to keep competing and is in terrific spirits right now. He’ll stand by us as well. We send him our best wishes. As a team and as an organisation, we are there for him and will keep helping him in every way that we can.

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