Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert and Steve Lacy just got matching tattoos

Kanye West in mildly endearing hip-hop news, it appears that Lil Uzi Vert, Steve Lacy, and Kanye West recently got matching tattoos.

In mildly endearing hip-hop news, it appears that Steve Lacy, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kanye West recently got identical tattoos.

The trio can be seen happily displaying their new tattoos in a photo that Lacy earlier today posted to Instagram. He captioned the photo, “We here forever technically,” and it looks that the three artists had the phrases inked on their bodies.

Social media users responded in different ways. Someone wrote, “Ye is not proud of it,” with a close-up image of the rapper’s unmistakably distressed face. Another Twitter user commented, “Kanye look uncertain about it.” Many other folks demanded a partnership to go along with the matching tattoos. Someone said, “We need a song of them together.” Someone person commented, “I speak for everyone when I say we need a song from them.

Kanye West

Gemini Rights, Lacy’s most recent album, was recently released last month and was given Ye’s blessing. He described the record as “wonderful,” according to NME, and said that he thought Lacy was “one of the most inspiring people on the globe.” Gemini Rights has received positive reviews abroad, peaking at number seven on the U.S. Billboard 200 and number 13 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

Ye has engaged in less endearing activities this week than obtaining machine tattoos. Pete Davidson shared a doctored New York Times front page on Instagram to lament the fake death of the comedian after Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s romance ended. It stated, “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28.”

According to People, because of his actions, Pete has reportedly turned to “trauma treatment” in order to deal with Ye’s constant attacks on him in public. According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity to People, “(Pete) has had to seek out therapy because of the attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his shenanigans.

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