KTLA Anchor Mark Mester Fired After On-Air Reaction to Lynette Romero’s Departure

KTLA Anchor Mark Mester Fired Variety has learned that KTLA no longer employs anchor Mark Mester.

Mester had already been suspended for criticising the station’s handling of his co-anchor Lynette Romero’s abrupt departure on air. Romero’s departure from KTLA was revealed last week without a farewell statement to the audience, which generated anger on social media.

The Los Angeles Times claims that Mester’s dismissal was a meeting in the newsroom. The KTLA website no longer lists Mester as an anchor.

After 24 years, Lynette Romero has chosen to stop anchoring our Saturday morning broadcast, KTLA news director Pete Saiers stated in a statement to Variety. KTLA Management put a lot of effort into making sure she stayed since we genuinely wanted her to.

KTLA Anchor Mark Mester Fired

Lynette made the decision to go in search of another chance.

She denied our request for her to record a parting message for the audience.

We appreciate Lynette’s contributions to the KTLA community and wish her and her family the best.

Mester, who had co-anchored the programme with Romero, went on the air to wish her buddy well in her new position and to send her off in style. She also criticised KTLA for the way the announcement had been handled.

Mester apologised, saying, “What the viewers saw was impolite, unpleasant, and improper.” “Lynette Romero, I love you so much, and I also want to apologise. You are in fact my closest friend. What occurred to you on Wednesday was not fair; you deserve better.

Sam Rubin went on-air last week to read a statement from KTLA announcing the departure of longtime news anchor Lynette Romero.

After over 24 years, our friend Lynette Romero has chosen to stop hosting our weekend morning news, Rubin read. Lynette has chosen to move on to another chance elsewhere, despite KTLA management’s best efforts to ensure that she would spend her whole career here.

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