The Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Starfighter is 20% off for Prime Day

You will enjoy this Star Wars set if you enjoy Mando, Boba Fett, or the Clone Wars.

Star Wars bounty hunters will adore this Lego spaceship offer, which is available online only on Prime Day.

Walmart is now offering the Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Starfighter for $47.99. This will allow you to save up your valuable credits for the next bargain because it is the greatest seasonally priced deal at a fantastic 20 percent off.

The odds of this spacecraft connecting with fans of prior series hits are in your favour despite the fact that the set is obviously a throwback to 2008’s The Clone Wars. Fans of The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, or The Skywalker Saga trilogy will probably find links they may use to their advantage.

If you’re familiar with Star Wars, you might recognise this Lego kit as the Kom’rk-class fighter/transport that General Grievous and Maul most notably utilised during a battle on Zanbar.

Our connections to Mando and other films currently available on Disney Plus come from the fact that the Starfighter was the preferred ride for the extreme Mandalorian bounty hunters known as the Death Watch.

The complete Clone Wars television series is also accessible on Disney Plus if you need to give your kids a primer on this starship since it is rated for children aged nine and up. Your children will learn about Bo-Katan Kryze and Gar Saxon as well as understand the significance of the other minifigure, a Mandalorian Loyalist, in Star Wars legend. A jetpack and five blaster pistols are also provided.

With 544 pieces and numerous hours of labour, this set is not a simple task. Not that we’re complaining at all, but the younger children may need some adult assistance. Fortunately, Lego is known for its clear instructions that make construction easy. With practise and some homemade Jawa Juice, you’ll be successful shortly.

The Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Starfighter is a great flight model that you can use for your upcoming bounty quest. You can get ready for the next excursion using the adjustable vertically rotating wings for folding or flying and the cockpit that opens to reveal space for minifigures. The set is completed by two stud shooters and two spring-loaded shooters.

The set, according to users, holds up reasonably well in space fights, and thanks to its small size (2.5x13x11 inches, or 6x33x30 cm), you can set it up on a desk or small shelf between space wars.

The popularity of Star Wars, Disney Plus, and this best-of-the-season price will all cause sales to move quickly, so make sure you get this bundle before it sells out. Check out our Lego Star Wars bargains for additional Star Wars sets that your family will undoubtedly like.

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