Today, Lolo Jones opened up on Instagram about beginning her reproductive journey. Jones, a bobsledder and track standout, is one of the few Olympians who have competed in both summer and winter events. But aside from being a passionate competitor and wanting to take home Olympic medals, Jones has always dreamed of being a mother.

Jones reminisced on her impending 40th birthday in an emotional post and video. “Terrified. 15 days before my 40th birthday. Nothing has made me more anxious than thinking that I may not have enough time to start a family “In her caption, she added.

When Jones was in her early 30s, she had the idea to freeze her eggs. But “I simply kept telling myself that I would meet my spouse and everything will be fine. I’ve been here for almost ten years, and nothing has changed “She composed.The athlete made the decision to freeze her own eggs in the future in order to create a family.

She worked for Frame Fertility, and in her caption she said that “the team was fantastic” and thanked the medical staff.

Jones explained in the video that she discovered she had a tennis ball-sized ovarian cyst at her initial fertility clinic. It’s unknown if Jones had the cyst removed, however she did mention that her AMH levels were still elevated after a few standard tests. Antimullerian hormone, or AMH, is used to calculate an individual’s egg count. Jones noted that he was extremely relieved by the news “My AMH levels were examined initially by [the Frame Fertility team], and they revealed that I had a healthy egg reserve for my age. 3.2!! Thank God SHE’S FERTILE, because I now appeared to be qualified to begin the egg freezing procedure.”

What is Freezing Her Eggs at Age 40

Jones, who is not hesitant to draw attention to the less glamorous side of fertility therapy, included a video of herself putting shots into her abdomen and noted that it was only one of many that she would need to administer over the course of 11 days. Hormone drugs are frequently used as part of the egg-preservation process, even though she didn’t identify what the shots in the video were specifically.

Extend Fertility, a fertility and egg-freezing facility, states that hormone therapy is given for eight to twelve days to encourage the ovaries to generate several eggs. Having “No matter how young you are, not every egg will result in a baby, therefore having multiple eggs is crucial. Multiple egg freezing enhances the likelihood that the doctor may discover healthy eggs later “the website says.

The track star has faced challenges before, including this one. With her four brothers and mother, Jones experienced frequent homelessness as a child. To fund her Olympic aspirations, she did minimum-wage jobs. After obtaining sponsorships from athletic companies like Oakley and Asics, Lolo Jones which allowed her to focus solely on track, her luck and life drastically altered. She told the Deseret News, “I changed my diet from ramen noodles to steak, salmon, and chicken, which is what an athlete should consume.

Now, Jones is urging other women to take inspiration from her experience and take charge of their reproductive health, especially if having children is essential to them. “Women should look into this sooner, I want to encourage them. Not all women are the same.

You may be 35 years old and have the egg count of a 25-year-old, or you could be 25 years old and already be losing eggs rapidly.”Jones continued by promising future updates on IVF and saying,

Lolo Jones “If you know you want to have a family but just can’t do it now perhaps due to job reasons or you don’t have a husband look into freezing your eggs.”

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