ElectroNic Spring ’22 Platform Release: Everything IT Service Provider or MSP Expect and Beyond

If you are an IT service provider, ElectroNic will release an entirely new platform in the Spring of ’22. This will help you grow your business and automate more of your work.

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This upgrade changed everything about ElectroNeek’s user experience because of the platform’s growth plan. There were a lot of new RPA automation products, new business goods, and new features in this version. In this new release, our customers could choose from a wide range of available improvements. So, friends, let’s get down to business.

  • A look at some of the Spring ’22 platform upgrades.
  • Reporting for the first quarter of the business center
  • Changes have been made to the Automation Hub II.
  • There is always more to learn.
  • A New Design for the Company’s Web Page 4.
  • Is there a security risk?
  • Reporting for the first quarter of the business center.

As a company, we believe in focusing on the success of our partners and working with them to help them grow their businesses.

IT service providers and MSPs will benefit from these changes, which are meant to make everything faster. For example, if you work for a company like ElectroNique, you’re always looking for ways to make your customers feel more at home. Here, you can get help with customer training, marketing and sales.

It’s a set of tools for people who work with MSPs.

Using this great tool, we have been able to get high-quality leads for our clients. In addition, automation companies will be able to use MSP Toolbox to get everything they need to run their businesses.

It’s part of the automated lead distribution system, and our partners can choose who they want to talk to and keep an eye on each lead as it moves through the sales process. In addition, ElectroNeek’s RPA ecosystem now has an MSP Toolbox that lets MSP partners protect their RPA bots so that a third-party developer can’t mess with them. Finally, this update enables you to pay for RPA services monthly or yearly.

This tool helps MSPs make more money by licensing automation solutions from the ElectroNic ecosystem.

The Billing Interface for a User’s Billing

The people who come to us for help often buy new things from us. As a result of these changes, our customers will be able to purchase something more quickly and upgrade their subscription levels more quickly. In addition to the Billing Tab, all financial information is now easily accessible at any time, thanks to this new tab.

We also plan to introduce Alice, a new manager based on AI technology that would help our customers with all of their business. She would help them with everything. It would be easier and faster to work with the Billing Tab if you used a virtual assistant like this.

Now, it’s easier than ever for customers to see their current status, a list of goods and add-ons they own and the contact information for their Success Manager.

Putting in a Help Desk

Our client’s time is important, so we try to make it as easy as possible for them to get in touch with us. There is no need to email. When you log in, you don’t have to do much. You can fill out a few forms and send messages in seconds.

Customers can make and look through tickets in a different part of their account site. As a bonus, you can now check the status of your key in the new system, and you can also look at old tickets now. All of the things connected to ElectroNique have a single person who can help them.

Changes have been made to the Automation Hub II

People who have high-quality clients might already be able to get what they need from us, but we have some bad news. If you want to get new customers and keep making money, we made it easy.

Conductors who need a lot of help

People who work with us are always expanding and growing their businesses. In the beginning, they used Orchestrator to help with their customers’ projects. Now, they are selling it to people who use it on their projects. As a result of this business venture, we have made a lot more money, which has allowed us to pay for more automation projects.

Some people buy several Orchestrators for one MSP or IT service provider job inside of one. There has been a lot of interest in this feature, so we’ve made it available to more orchestrators and given them more help. For MSPs and IT service providers, having the option to have multiple Orchestrators would be good because having separate work environments for different customers is very important.

It will be easy to change Orchestrators with this new feature. Provide your partners with automation services, and you’ll be able to control all of your customers’ projects from one place. This is the best way to do it.

The Orchestrator has been made better

Both Runner and Orchestrator now have a stronger link. People who work for the company can now change the status and activity of all the people who run bots with a few mouse clicks. Then, people could not tell whether or not they were allowed to run, and they couldn’t tell which token they belonged to. Now, this is much easier to figure out.

As a result, there are no security risks because administrators can choose to manually allow a connection. There have been some changes made to the integration with Zapier. ElectroNic bots can now be added to Zapier’s more than 1,000 SaaS apps network.

Zapier has made its integration and connection methods better. There is a way for people from all over the company to connect through token access.

For Studio Pro’s Light Theme:

People have been very excited about our Light Theme for Studio Pro. So, to show off this new feature, we chose to show it off. We’re seeing many people like the bright screen of the light mode. Taking care of a lot of bots at the same time. New tools can help you get more done in less time.

This is how it would look if you got an update notice for each of your 10 computers. First, there are still some devices that need to be updated manually. Then, a few hours later, you’ve done all the work and finished. Even though time goes by, you forget which Bot Runners have been changed over time. You can now use the Orchestrator to automatically check the status of all Bot Runners.

A lot of new features have been added for your convenience. For example, it could be faster to check the version of a Bot Runner right away and copy its ID and algorithm with just one button press when there is a problem.

You can also check on the last bot without going through all of the tables.

The REST APIs can now be downloaded

The ElectroNik API is an important part of the ecosystem because it allows for all possible third-party system integrations. In addition, our API documentation has also been made public, which means anyone can use it whenever they want. Changes have been made to the API, too, to make it easier for people to use.

If something goes wrong when you run an API for a specific time, it will show up.

When all the Bot Runners are busy, put your bot in line and don’t wait.

Both Runners’ user names are used to look for them.

There is always more to learn

We’re ready to take off from the ElectroNic Spacecraft and head to the RPA space station. So please sit back and buckle up.

Many new things can be done with robots, and this assignment is a good way to learn more about them.

It’s a Place to Learn. Everyone who wants to learn more about how to start an IT service company and Hyper Automation solutions can now go to a new Product Training site.

There are now three sections in our new Learning Center:

Founder and CEO Growth Space. By preparing your company for the new environment, you’ll learn how to grow, manage, and grow an RPA practice. People who work on RPA projects and IT departments are welcome to join the MSP IT Leader Tech Space. The IT manager who wants to learn more about RPA and how to use it in their job should take this course.

There is a place for RPA developers, IT developers, and RPA engineers to work on their projects in ElectroNic. You can do so many new things with ElectroNic and its products when you learn about them.

The message board

Get in touch with automation experts around the world by signing up. Community Forum: You can ask questions and report problems in our new Community Forum. You can also request new features, debate the ElectroNic platform, and stay updated on our latest videos or release announcements.

You can build a network of trustworthy business partners and boost your bottom line by joining relevant groups. Our Community Forum is carefully run so that everyone can find the information they need and share their thoughts. This book will find everything you need to know about hyper-automation.

The amount and complexity of the technology we need to do our jobs are always getting more complicated. So to give your customers new tools, you need to stay up to date on what’s going on in your field.

Our new “What is” pages give you quick and easy explanations of new No-Code features you can use to help your SMB customers. Then, you can use them to help them.

RPA, OCR, AI, and iPaaS are some things we’ve added to our “What is’ ‘ sections now. Hyper Automation solutions will help your customers’ businesses a lot. They will help you explain and market them.

Some of the pages are shown below:

This will help you understand how robotic process automation works and how it might speed up digital transformation. However, to do this, you need to know what RPA is first. With our guide, “What Is OCR?” you can learn about the basics of OCR technology and how it can help your client’s businesses.

The definition of AI tells us how the technology works and why it is so important.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about iPaaS? You can find out more about the service by clicking on the links below.

Opening of the YouTube channel again

Our goal is to stay on top of the most recent trends and give our partners and customers a steady stream of interesting new things. It looks like YouTube has changed a lot. You can now search for tutorials, webcasts, platform overviews, and more on the site.

The link to our training material can always be shared with your coworkers or sent to your customers. You can always send it to them. Besides that, the videos’ English, Spanish, and Portuguese versions can all be found.

 A New Design for the Company’s Web Page 4.

We’re at the front of a big change in the business. Our website is a big help to our partners and their customers.

Messages that show up on a web page. Our website is like a picture of our company’s image and where we stand in the market. At this point, we’re more than just an RPA provider. We’re also a growing and thriving company right now.

Visitors to our website might notice that we’ve changed our minds. More MSPs and IT service providers work with us now that the layout has been changed. On top of that, Hyper Automation company start-ups, stories of success from current partners, and financial results for the year are now all available on ElectroNeek’s website.

It’s also possible to look at our collaboration options and all of the great tools we have to help you and your customers grow right from the main page of ElectroNic.

The things we do.

In the automation world, small businesses are changing things because they are getting more automation. We are the only company that sells business and technology goods to MSPs, giving them a competitive advantage and a bigger share of the small business market.

We have made the only Hyper Automation platform for MSPs and IT service providers that can do everything. As a result, our customers and partners can choose from various tools for automating their work.

The language of Portuguese is called “Portuguese.”

In light of our recent growth in Latin America, we changed the official languages of the company. People at ElectroNic also speak Portuguese, so you can get help and read everything on the ElectroNic Platform in these languages.

All of our certified partners are on this list

We are very proud of our employees’ work and how well they do it. The partner’s page is where everyone can get in touch with our partners and see if they want to work together in the future. This next step makes our partners more visible and helps us get in touch with more people.

To find a partner to help you meet your customers’ needs in another area or with a service that you don’t offer, use the “Match Me With A Partner” button.

Eventually, we’ll be able to narrow down potential business partners based on their type of business, where they live, and more. Is there a security risk?

Even if you’re not a service provider, keeping your customers’ computers and data safe is important. Data security privacy is very important because we know how important they are. To do business, we need to keep some things private so that they will be safe.

The page is about safety measures

ElectroNic performs data security and vulnerability tests at every stage of the software development process. These tests are done both manually and automatically. We’ve made a new Security page for you and your clients that has everything you need.

SOC 2 Type II:

ElectroNeek does a lot of SOC2-compliant penetration tests and security evaluations, and all of the data, both at rest and in transit, is protected with encryption. Make sure the businesses you work for and your customers’ businesses are safe with this.

Because of this, we were able to pass the SOC 2 Type II audit. In the official audit report, ElectroNeek’s internal controls and procedures are very carefully looked at regarding RPA services and tools.

Risk management and sub-service (vendor) due diligence are part of the audit. In addition, the full IT infrastructure, software development life cycle, change management, logical and physical security, and computer operations are all looked at.

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