The Sky-High Pandemic Housing Market Finds Gravity Does Exist

An Oregon real estate agent celebrated a big deal last month that he made. A post he made two years ago was the first time in that time that no one bought it.

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Some people came to the open house on Saturday. One of them wanted to pay $40,000 more than the asking price. Before Monday, there were no. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, too. During the coronavirus outbreak, many people tried to buy homes 10 to 15% more than they were worth. This one was right on the $500,000. A few years ago, it was the only time. So this is what they agreed to do.

In Solis’s words: No other bids would have made the price rise. As a child, “It was crazy”

To help the crazy market and the hot economy as a whole, the Federal Reserve raised its main interest rate in March. They said there would be more rises to come, too. Mortgage rates have gone up since the start of the year. They went from about 3% to 5% in the first few months.

Mr Solis recently sold a $500,000 home with a fixed rate and a 20% down payment. This means that the monthly payment for a $500,000 home like that would be about $500 more than it was at the end of last year. It also says that prices have gone up more than 30% in the last two years.

Early statistics and interviews with people in the housing market suggest that many buyers have had enough. After months of defying gravity and a fierce housing market, many people are ready to give up and move on.

It has become less common for people to go to open house events. In the last few years, the number of people looking for homes on the internet has gone down. As a result, many home builders, who have long lists of excited buyers, have to dig even deeper into those lists to find buyers for each home. Rising mortgage rates have made them do this. More people have been canceling their homes, but a home research company says that builders are still getting a lot of interest, even though the number of people canceling has gone up. People who build homes have also said that they are worried about the rise in mortgage rates and home prices.


People were afraid more now than before, she said. CEO Ivy Zelman said that people were afraid

Until 2020, this will be a very good time to buy a home. The prices of homes won’t go down soon, and many think they’ll rise even more this year. Sure, there were a lot of bidders and record prices for two years. Agents were used to it. People are excited about pandemic migrations and the rise of the house as a place where people both live and work because of these things.

Homebuyers are being priced out of high-end cities on the coast, says Daryl Fairweather, a senior economist at Redfin. Many people will still compete to buy things, but fewer will buy them. For the most part, a house on the market sells in a week. In the last two years, the price of things hasn’t gone up so quickly.

It hasn’t had as big an effect on the economy as expected when there isn’t enough supply and demand for homes. These things can be seen in empty car lots, furniture order backlogs, and not many homes for sale.

They think there will be a big drop in demand and prices, especially in busy workplaces and well-oiled supply lines, where people buy and sell things all the time. In some cases, people who already own homes may have cut back on their spending because of these trends. This could have an impact on other parts of the economy. But on the other hand, experts in economics say that prices will keep rising all year long, even by double digits in some places.

He said, “I don’t think it will stop the housing market.” He said this:

Even if the market slows down, it will take a long time because there aren’t many homes for sale now. The United States has to move when there aren’t enough homes for sale. Even after the economy and job market started to improve, the number of homes being built fell. Building new homes had slowed down since the financial crisis and real estate market crash of 2008, when many people lost their jobs and homes.

This is a great time if you don’t want to buy. These are the things that Christopher J. Waller, the governor of the Federal Reserve, is going through right now. On Monday, Mr Waller said, “I sold my St. Louis home yesterday to a cash buyer who didn’t even need to see it.” But, on the other hand, “I’m on the other side, and I think: “What? This is crazy.”

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