Disney, Built on Fairy Tales and Fantasy, Confronts the Real World

This is one of the interesting things about the company’s history. First, the company makes family-friendly movies and TV shows that don’t discuss politics or culture. Then, in 1923, Disney was born. It was the first company to start making movies.

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Disney makes money by making people think about finding real love and living a happy life in their dreams. It says, “Welcome.” “Here, you leave today and enter the world of yesterday. It will be tomorrow, and you will be able to use all of your imagination. “Many of them can be found in all Disney theme parks.

Having a real-life start to show up in the Magic Kingdom is weird

 They want Disney to do well, even if they are on different sides of the political aisle. A well-known brand is at risk because it can’t keep up with the fast-moving entertainment business.

Disney has tried to get into some hot-button issues in the past, but they didn’t work out very well. For example, dreamers of all ages were changed to “dreamers of all ages” during the summer of 2013. Both progressives and people on the far right were happy about this. Much attention has also been paid to how the entertainment industry has been a part of what’s going on. A new law in Florida has been called “Don’t say gay,” and it’s getting a lot of attention.

In the beginning, Disney didn’t like the law because of the employees’ protest. The people on Fox News said that “Woke Disney” had lost all of its moral authority when Disney said that the bill was too high. It was written in an email. They said that “Woke Disney” no longer had the right to tell them what to do. Walt Disney World was able to run its city government in Florida because of 55-year-old laws. State legislators were trying to get them taken away by the state, but they failed. Disney and the governor had disagreed about pandemic issues, like the need for workers to get vaccines. This time, they agreed to work together.


For the Disney brand

 The goal has always been not to do anything that would bother or confuse the families who watch it. This is what Martin Kaplan, a former Walt Disney exec and Norman Lear professor at the University of Southern California, told me. He said that. Everyone is having a good time. Nothing to be angry about. Everyone can change with the magic wand. Even Disney is having difficulty getting us to work together because we are so divided and angry, and we don’t want to work together.

The fact that you don’t talk about hard things shows how you think. After all, the company’s name was Walt Disney, and he was a conservative and anti-union. The patriotism of Main Street U.S.A. is in full bloom during a trip to a theme park. So it is told every year at Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California, with Candlelight Processionals, Bible verses, and everything else you can think of to tell the Christmas story.

Many things have changed in the last few years. From 2005 to 2020, Robert A. Iger was the CEO of the world’s biggest entertainment company, and he did that job for that long. When he did this, he made sure that casting and content that was different were important things to think about. We can take those values that we think are important for society and change people’s behavior. So it was at Disney’s shareholder’s meeting in 2017. This is what he told them.

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