Kim Kardashian has hinted that she would like to have more children

Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to have any more children at this point in her life. This game was played on April 11 by them and their mom, Kris Jenner. They had to figure out who would say what.

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How did they act? One of them caused a stir was Kim’s answer. During a group discussion, everyone agreed that Kourtney Kardashian, who already has three kids with her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick and wants more with her fiance Travis Barker, would be the most likely to have a lot of kids, like her mother, Kris. Before this, she had six kids and 11 grandchildren.

The game Kim played won. In the kids’ section of the store, the founder of SKIMS, who has four kids with Kanye West, held up a picture of herself and one of Kourtney. For the last six months, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been together, but they haven’t made any plans to get married or have more kids.

All of the above, I hope.” Here for the long run and for the good times, too


Khloe’s family has already given Pete their blessing so that he can move in with them. “He’s very nice,” they say. This is what the 37-year-old woman says: “Pete just brings out the peace and simplicity in her.” When they’re together, this is what she likes the most.

After Kim made her debut on SNL in October, they were seen together for the first time. The two of them met on Instagram in March, becoming friends. Since then, they haven’t been apart. Showed that he thought Kim was good when The Kardashians came out on April 7. Even though they didn’t go on the red carpet together, the comedian did, so it doesn’t matter.

April 6 is when Kim talked about how “serious” her relationship with Pete was on Good Morning America, and it was the first time that she said that. This is what she told the author Robin Roberts: “I mean… I’m a woman who likes to have relationships, for sure.” She meant it. And I wouldn’t have a relationship with someone if I didn’t intend to spend a lot of time with them.”

The first time Kim said she was done having kids was in 2021. She said that she had already had “a lot of kids.” There is nothing else for you to do when Ellen DeGeneres makes fun of you, Kim. Let me pick for you. Do a lot of work.

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