SIMBA Partners With Emmy-Winning Animation Studio Bureau of Magic for Lost in Oz Digital Collectibles Series

In South Bend, Indiana, there will be a new show called NFT Marketplace. The Bureau of Magic (BoM) will show off their new NFT collection Passport to Oz at the show, which will be held there. Here, we’ll show how blockchain technology changes the way people enjoy their time.

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BoM and the SIMBA Chain will work together so that customers can do something new and exciting that they haven’t done before, and it will be fun. Passport to Oz digital treasures, toys, and immersive fan interaction techniques are all being brought to life by SIMBA, which will let BoM provide never-before-seen blockchain-powered animation, toys, and non-fungible currencies (NFTs).

“Lost in Oz” will be able to keep going thanks to the number of episodes. To see Oz in a new way, you can get the Passport To Oz and go there. It’s all about how to tell a story. In this case, it is a project run by the people who use it. People who love the Wizard of Oz can use Passport to Oz to “enter into a fantastical tale world we’re building on a new media, the blockchain.” The way this is done is “new.”

The Bureau of Magic is well-known for making animated and live-action entertainment

 Many people know about them. For example, when you watch the cartoon “Lost in Oz,” the Bureau of Magic is in charge of putting it together and making the show. It’s on networks like Amazon Prime, Nickelodeon, and Disney worldwide, so that you can watch it. They have written stories for Coca-Cola, Nike, Superman, and the NFL, to name a few. They can write good stories.

It’s one way big companies will be able to use the power of digital collectables. One service called SIMBA Market will let them do this. Simba Chain’s NFT marketplace solutions give people lots of new ideas for making money, so they’re making more money. In many businesses, blockchain is used to help people do their jobs faster and better. So even if you don’t know how blockchain works, you can buy digital collectables from your favorite brands even if you don’t see how it works.


To help the Bureau of Magic grow and become bigger, it’s important to get to know people. Web 3.0 will be very important in the future, and it will be very important. Because of this, the studio has become a leader in music and dance. BoM has used the SIMBA Chain to connect artists and customers for a long time. Now, BoM is setting new rules for how artists and customers can connect and work together.

Lost in Oz digital collectables can be found on many different websites. You can sign up for updates and learn more about them there. A person can go to and in Oz to see two examples of how people can use these sites.

It’s easy to find out more about SIMBA’s business chain here

A simple blockchain app can be made with SIMBA Chain, “Simple Blockchain Apps.” Everyone can use the apps now, even if they don’t know how they work. People who don’t know much about crypto and people who know a lot about crypto can use this. People can use it because it has a simple interface and a lot of well-known brands in sports, entertainment, and games. Developers who want to make APIs for public and private blockchains can use this platform. Anyone can use it. Any developer can then use them to drag and drop so that they can make smart contracts. Many people don’t have to spend a lot of money or time on consultants to make blockchain apps. SIMBA Chain: They can use it to do this, and they can use it to do it. The cloud-based platform SIMBA Chain makes it very easy for people to create apps for Web 3.0.

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