Biden’s administration raises concerns about the likelihood of medical personnel

People were excited about the Biden Administration’s new programme, but it doesn’t let pharmacists give COVID-19 oral antiviral drugs. Other doctors think that more of the programme should be for them. Some pharmacy groups aren’t happy about this.

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President Joe Biden said in his State of the Union speech on March 1 that he would try to get COVID-19 diagnostics and treatments to the general public as quickly as possible. Under the new plan, tests for COVID-19 and quick prescriptions for oral drugs will be available at pharmacy-based clinics and community health centers and long-term care institutions and VA facilities. Expect them to be fully operational by the end of March, says a White House press release about the project. 

People at Pfizer are working around the clock to make sure that we get one million tablets this month and then more than quadruple that number next month.

Pharmacy Times talked to David Pope, OmniSYS’s chief innovation officer, and asked him about the company’s new plan. He told me that this lets pharmacists do tests on patients, send them to a doctor, and fill their prescriptions themselves.

People Statement:

 The Pope said: “We also have other people out there.” People who work at a pharmacy with a doctor on staff, or a non-pharmacist practitioner who works at the pharmacy, can still write prescriptions. Expect the government to ensure that pharmacies in your area have enough medicine to fill your prescriptions if you get a positive test.

NCPA: Many people in the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program are working together to make this happen, says NCPA. The proposal doesn’t look like it will cut the amount of oral antiviral drugs that other states or pharmacies give out or give out to other people. 3 down to Kurt Proctor, the NCPA’s vice president of strategic initiatives, he didn’t like how the programme only did one thing. He said this:

To get a “one-stop test-to-treat,” the NCPA has pharmacists give out oral antivirals. The federal government hasn’t let you do that yet. Some people were angry that they couldn’t get the programme at every pharmacy. The American Pharmacists Association said it was a big mistake (APhA).



If there are more COVID-19 oral antivirals on the market, more pharmacies will be able to help people get treatment. This will make it easier for people to get help.

One more thing that could go wrong with the plan is that there aren’t enough quick COVID-19 tests and oral antiviral medicines. The government has also bought 20 million courses of the drug, which it will use to treat people. 

Other people aren’t sure if the program’s choice to use community health facilities like pharmacies instead of doctor’s offices is a good idea. On March 4, Dr Gerald E.

Many other drugs don’t work well together with Paxlovid, says Harmon.

 This could cause people to stop taking them, change them, or cut back on them. That’s why he didn’t recommend giving Balapiravir, the second antiviral medicine he recommended for COVID-19, to people under 18 years old or who are pregnant or nursing. Molnupiravir could hurt bone and cartilage formation. 

By not knowing about a patient’s medical history, drug interactions, or how to deal with possible side effects, this method “makes prescribing decisions easier,” Harmon said in a press release. The goal was to make it easier for people who don’t have a doctor to get help.

Those who have primary care doctors should call them immediately if they have COVID-19 and want to learn more about treatment options. This explanation from the Biden administration, they say, has made them feel better about the way things have been going.

Madison said in a conversation with Pharmacy Times: “I hope that [the AMA] would think again about this statement and realize that it’s not about competition, but rather working together. ” Our job is to ensure that everyone can fairly get better care.

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