MPD: Man dies after being shot over the weekend

According to Minneapolis Police, a guy was shot on the afternoon of February 27 and died as a result of his injuries.

On Feb. 27, about 3:42 p.m., a shooting happened near the 3400 block of 10th Avenue South.

Officers arrived on the site to find two guys, both in their twenties, who had arrived at Abbot Northwestern, one with minor injuries and the other with life-threatening injuries.

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Nonprofit pushing for city crews to take over sidewalk shoveling in Minneapolis

“Even if one property owner fails to sweep their walkway, an entire city block can be destroyed,” Naraynan explained.

The organisation is requesting $6 million from the Public Works Department’s 2023 budget to build a city-led sidewalk clearing programme, which would begin with crews removing 300 miles of sidewalks in heavily frequented pedestrian locations throughout Minneapolis, as well as light rail and bus stations.

However, some locals, such as Olaf Lukk, who has lived in the same neighbourhood for nearly 40 years, want things to remain the same.

  • “Being accountable for your own property, I believe, is an important aspect of living in Minneapolis. It should not be the responsibility of the local government to trim your grass and shovel your sidewalk “Lukk stated.
  • He also points out that shovelling can be a good form of workout.
  • “It’s something that people should do more of,” Lukk remarked.
  • In Minneapolis, the fine for not sweeping your sidewalk is currently $229.

Redistricting Minneapolis: Wards, park districts maps approved

Minneapolis’ new city council wards and park districts, based on population data from 2020, have been finalised.

On Wednesday, the Minneapolis Charter Commission accepted the redistricting group’s proposed new boundaries. Starting in November 2023, the new ward borders for city council member elections will be used. In 2025, new park and recreational boundaries will be used to elect park board commissioners.
The city council will next have to ratify the new electoral precincts and voting places, which will take effect this year. Before the primary election, Minneapolis voters will get information about their ward, precinct, and polling place in the mail.

After multiple meetings and public participation, the maps were created and completed. Here’s where you can learn more about the redistricting process.

Tentative Minneapolis police contract would give officers raise

Under a proposed contract agreement, Minneapolis police officers would receive raises and payments totaling $7,000, as well as some disciplinary penalties, but details on those were not immediately available.

Following the assassination of George Floyd in May 2020, calls for the contract to be changed to allow city leaders more authority to terminate problem police personnel arose. The proposed contract comes months after voters rejected a proposal to create a new public safety agency to replace the existing police department.

The proposed deal must still be approved by the City Council. According to a letter attached to the City Council agenda, Mayor Jacob Frey has examined a description of the new contract “and supports these parameters for approval.” According to the Star Tribune, Frey has stated that cops “ought to be paid more and dismissed more.”
On Monday, the council’s Policy and Government Oversight Committee will discuss the contract.

The contract’s full details were not made public. Officers would receive a 1% salary hike in 2020, a 1.5 percent raise in 2021, and a 2.5 percent raise in 2022, according to a summary.

  • It also proposes for new and current cops to receive “incentive” payments. After field training, new hires would receive $3,500, followed by another $3,500 after their probationary period was completed. After the contract is approved, current cops will receive $3,500, plus another $3,500 if they “stay on duty” until at least December 31.
  • According to the city’s most recent job postings, cadets start at $21.46 per hour, with officers from other departments earning between $31.45 and $40.74 per hour.
  • After a “critical incident” in which they are significantly wounded or seriously harm or kill someone, police would be required to undergo mental health exams before returning to work. It gives the chief more power to decide where an officer should be placed following an incident like this.
  • The agreement also includes “clarification of discipline language for individuals with rights to return to the bargaining unit,” according to the summary, but no other details are provided.
  • The pact, if authorised, would last from 2020 to 2022. For 2023, new discussions would be required.
  • Minneapolis has roughly 544 officers on staff, down from about 600 before Floyd’s assassination.

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