Omicron Vaccine rollout threatened by flimsy needles

The Moderna Spikevax bivalent vaccine which was approved to target strains of the Omicron virus, was the subject of complaints from NHS staff about the dose administration equipment included with the vaccine.

Vaccinators claimed that when they tried to pierce vaccine bottles the needles got bent. 

This comes as the Scottish covid rate rose for the second week in a row.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), which has purchased Moderna Vaccine in four countries, announced in response to complaints that it would provide a new needle and syringe as a “precautionary measure.” Gareth, Deputy Director of Vaccines and countermeasures at UKSHA Thomas said ,”At this point we are not initiating a product recall, but this decision will give us time to properly study the issues raised.”

According to the National Procurement Director for Government Services Scotland, the new needles will be distributed throughout Scotland while feedback received was locked at.

We can confirm that the UKHSA has informed us today that as a preventive measure, they are arranging for alternative combined needles and syringes to be supplied in Scotland while they are receiving information about combined needles and syringes. Let’s examine feedback that was recently put into use said Gordon Beattie. According to the UKHSA the substitute product is essentially identical to what was successfully employed in the COVID study with the pfizer vaccination.

The morden Omicron Vaccine also known as mRNA-1273. 214, is an improved version currently used for the first, second and booster doses. According to the office for National Statistics’ (ONS) coronavirus infection survey, one in 45 people in Scotland had the virus in the week ending 5 September, up from one in 50 week before.The most recent estimate represents about 113,500 individuals or 2.16% of the population.

According to the ONS, Scotland has the highest incidence of COVID-19 of any country in the UK, with England, Wales and Northern Ireland each exhibiting one in 55 infected individuals.

A massive vaccination campaign against autumn flu and Covid is underway in Scotland. Care facilities are being prioritized by health boards at the start of the vaccination campaign,with residents and staff receiving their shots first.

The online portal will be used to invite health and social care professionals and caregivers to schedule their combined flu/COVID-19 appointment, with a variety of locations and times to choose from.

How others get their jab will depend on many factors. Full information is available on the Scottish Government website.
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