St. Paul family disgusted after deadly hit and run driver is a no-show at sentencing

After the guy responsible for a horrific crash that killed their loved one failed to show up for sentencing last week, a Saint Paul family is sharing their rage, pain, and frustration with FOX 9.

Allison Annen, a sixty-year-old woman, was killed in the crash in January 2021. The driver who T-boned Annen’s car that night pleaded guilty to criminal vehicular murder, but he didn’t show up for his sentence on March 11.

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Xia Her-Xiong has a long criminal record, including at least 13 felony convictions to her name. When he slammed into Annen’s PT Cruiser, the 32-year-old was allegedly inebriated, driving a stolen automobile, and fleeing from police.

The victim’s family told Paul Blume that they aren’t sure whether to blame him or the system for letting him out of prison in the first place.

“I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this,” Annen’s daughter Jennifer Cook said.

Cook revealed that the pain and sadness she feels more than a year after losing her mother haven’t subsided at all. “It’s unimaginable; I don’t think the grieving has even begun.”

Cook’s sister Jessica Ziolkowski added, “I don’t know when or if I’ll ever be able to recover again.”

According to court documents, Her-Xiong pleaded guilty to criminal vehicular homicide charges in the case a few months ago, agreeing to a sentence of eight years in jail. When Annen’s family went to court, hoping for closure and the opportunity to publicly express their grief through victim impact statements, Her-Xiong, who was out on a $100,000 bond, was nowhere to be found. An arrest warrant was promptly issued by the judge in the case.

“He was driving an automobile that had been stolen. He eluded the cops and left my mother for dead on the scene “Cook’s family is enraged, he said. They cite Her-criminal Xiong’s history, as well as new criminal accusations brought against him since the fatal crash in 2021. Nonetheless. They want to know why he was absent.

“There isn’t enough time in the world for this man to bring my mother back. Living with it is excruciatingly difficult. I’ll never be able to forget that “Ziolkowski came to a conclusion.

Her-Xiong also failed to appear in court on Monday in Hennepin County on unrelated narcotics charges, according to court documents.

Because of his recent inability to appear in court for sentencing, Ramsey County prosecutors said they will likely seek additional prison term on top of the plea agreement.

St. Paul homicide: Suspect sets ex-girlfriend on fire before burning down his house

On Tuesday, police say a man attacked and lit a woman on fire, killing her before burning down his house.

Around 9 a.m. this morning, St. Paul police were dispatched to a report of a person on fire near the 1700 block of Wynne Avenue. Officers arrived on the scene to find a 40-year-old lady unconscious and suffering from burns. Medics attempted to help the victim, but she died on the spot. According to authorities, it appears to have been a domestic homicide witnessed by many persons who were present at the time.

image source: unsplash

Simmons allegedly drove to his Bloomington house and set fire to it after killing his ex-girlfriend, according to police.

Simmons’ neighbours in the cul de sac where he lived had known him for more than a decade and said he struggled with mental health issues that had lately deteriorated. He was said to have frequently stated that the devil was present in everything and everyone.

“Every night, he would read his bible and go around the house with certain smoke and attempt to pray it away, and he did rituals like that for many months,” neighbour Nicholas Berg told FOX 9. “He simply thought it was always around him, in his house,

in certain people, and he was trying his hardest to keep it away and keep it out, but it seemed like he couldn’t get rid of it no matter how hard he tried.”

Simmons was apprehended and taken to the Bloomington Police Department on suspicion of arson. As part of an ongoing homicide investigation, he was later released from Bloomington police custody and taken to the St. Paul Police Department.

It was then discovered that the two had previously been involved.

During a press conference, Sgt. Natalie Davis of the St. Paul Police Department fought back tears as she said, “I just know that this senseless act of violence will cause ripples of sadness and pain to the victim’s loved ones and family.”

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