Girls basketball phenom continues to lead despite age: Greenway genes

In the MSHSL State Girls Basketball Tournament, the Providence Academy Lions are ready to roar once more. Maddyn Greenway, the top seed in Class AA, will lead them this season as one of the state’s best scorers.

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“Right now, we’re playing our best basketball, and I believe it’s at the perfect time,” he said. Maddyn Greenway of Providence Academy is a guard.
Maddyn is a player that can frustrate any opponent she plays against.

Greenway’s play is described by Providence Academy senior forward Maria Counts as “if we need it, she’ll simply turn it on.”

Greenway is averaging more than 24 points per game this season and has surpassed the 1,000-point mark on the varsity level — all before she even starts high school.

“A lot of people are surprised by how mature I play,” said Greenway, who is in eighth grade. “I know I put in the effort, and that gives me confidence.”

“Is it the eighth grade? In eighth grade, I have no idea what I was doing “Conner Goetz, the head coach at Providence Academy, remarked. “This year, it’s like, ‘Maddyn, we need you to take over,’ and she’s all set to go.”

Her last name should ring a bell with you. The daughter of Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway is the latest in a long line of athletes in her family.

Greenway, on the other hand, is attempting to carve her own path in sports.
“It was a lot of ‘oh, that’s (Chad’s) daughter’ last year,” Greenway said. “People will always say that because he was so good,” she says, “but I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing to establish a name for myself.”

“She’s not wired like normal kids,” Goetz explained. “That comes from her parents, but it’s also self-driven, which is extremely unique.”

Maddyn was a part of the team that helped Providence Academy reach the state final a year ago, but the team was left disappointed after losing to Albany in the year’s final game.

Greenway remarked of last year’s ending, “We want it so much more than everyone else because we came so close.”

Making this a squad with a lot on the line for Providence Academy.

“Any game can’t be taken for granted,” Counts remarked. “We’ll get a long way if we keep that approach.”

Greenway shines at Providence Academy

PLYMOUTH, Minn. (KROC-AM News) — A person’s name can reveal a lot about them.

Maddyn Greenway, on the other hand, is establishing a name for herself.

Conner Goetz, Providence Academy’s head girls basketball coach, says, “I have to take a step back and say, ‘You’re in 7th grade.”

Providence Academy’s 7th-grade starting point guard is averaging 20 points per game and has led the Lions to a 17-1 record.

“I just like to keep improving,” Maddyn Greenway says. “Because I know other individuals are working hard as well.”

It’s because she comes from decent lineage that her thinking seems wise beyond her years. Chad Greenway, a former Minnesota Vikings linebacker, is Maddyn’s father.

“She wants to compete against everyone and win,” her father says. “Her mother instilled in her the will to do everything as hard and as quickly as possible.”

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Jenni, her mother, was a former track and field athlete at Iowa.

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“It’s a perfect combination of the two of us.” Greenway agrees.

However, talent alone will not propel you to the top. While Maddyn has strong genes, it is her own work ethic that distinguishes her.

“She puts up a lot of effort,” Goetz says. “She’s constantly here after practise, and she’s always putting up shots before and after school,” says the narrator.

“As a 13-year-old youngster, she is highly self-motivated,” says Chad Greenway.

“I think my parents have a large element in that,” Maddyn adds, “just seeing how much work my dad put in to get to a high level and how much my mom has told me about how she’s sacrificed.”

And her parents are her strongest supporters, always in the stands, trembling with nerves far greater than anything her father experienced on the field.

“As a parent, it’s definitely more nerve-wracking to watch because you don’t have the control to compete yourself,” Chad adds.

Watching Maddyn become the Greenway family’s most talked-about moniker brings even more joy.

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