Kentucky legislators overturn the governor’s veto to pass an anti-transgender sports ban

In public and private schools in Kentucky, transgender women and girls will no longer be able to play on sports teams that match their gender.

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That law was called the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, and Governor Andy Beshear didn’t like it. There was no need for a law to stop this because it “most likely” broke the United States Constitution. Many people are Republican in the Kentucky legislature, so they voted unanimously to ban it in place on Wednesday.

This year it’s not the first time that Kentucky has overridden a governor’s decision and passed a law that would have made it illegal for people to do that. In 2022, Arizona will pass a law like this one, too. There are already four other states that have done the same. It will join them.

A debate is taking place in the media and in the halls of power about whether transgender athletes, especially women, should be able to play in games.

Some people say that transgender women and girls are better at sports than their cisgender peers. There is no evidence that transgender people are better at sports than their cisgender peers in many studies. Those who don’t like this law say it makes it even more difficult for transgender people, especially young people.

If you go to a public or private school in Kentucky

You have to make sure that kids in grades 6 through 12 can play on “Boys” or “Girls’ teams. When it comes to sports and games, kids in grades six through 12 can’t play if they’re female. The law says that a student’s doctor who did an annual checkup on them would be enough proof of their “biological sex,” the law says.


However, a person’s gender isn’t just a biological thing. It’s more than that. It is an idea of who they are. There may be information about a person’s body, genes, and hormones on their birth certificate, but it’s not certain. Different things happen in each one. The term “biological sex” is used by some people because they think it is too simple and misleading.

People who go to the public and private Kentucky schools can’t join a national intercollegiate athletic group.

The NCAA does not welcome those rules, which said so in a statement in April. The group is keeping an eye on them to make sure NCAA championships can be held “in ways that are inclusive and respectful to all competitors.”

A group called the Trevor Project helps LGBTQ kids who are at risk of suicide or in crisis. They quickly spoke out against Kentucky’s new law. They See was already a group of people who were already at risk. They said this would make things even worse. LGBTQ groups have had limited success in court against rules that are very similar to these rules.

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