NL West Notes: Gonsolin , Belt , Bryant

Tony Gonsolin, a Dodgers pitcher who was placed on a 15 day injured list on August 29 due to a proper forearm strain, is making steady progress in his recovery. Although Gonsolin’s recovery took longer than the team expected, Jack Harries of the Log Angeles Times reports that he responded well to a bullpen session earlier this week.

Gonsolin’s role is not carved in stone for the Dodgers when he returns, according to Gonsolin, who said he and manager Dave Roberts have discussed, “entirely different perspectives.”

Gonsolin is not very impressive in his first full season pitching a 2.49 ERA, 23.7% Ok, and 7.2 BB% in 128 1/3  innings (23 starts).He qualified for his first All Star Game thanks to these incredible figures, but he has already surpassed his previous record of 128 achieved in 2018. Additionally, it is understandable why Dodgers should be reluctant to push after dealing with forearm pressure.

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In other parts of division…. 

Brandon Belt, a veteran for the Giants who recently had his third surgery on his right knee, is entering free agency, but this week told the Athletic’s Andrew Bagerley that his knee was “nearly two weeks after surgery.” Looks great. Belt claims to feel “like a new person”,adding that he believes he still has a lot and revealing that he is no longer crutches.

Although Belt showed interest in moving back to San Francisco, he stated that he would be eager to play elsewhere if the band was “ready to go”.The 34- year- old said that  while he would not accept a minor league contract,”it must be the right position for me” and that there is no point in “going to play for nothing”. However he certainly didn’t rule out the idea of retiring.

Rockies third baseman Kris Bryant has yet to be formally suspended for the rest of the year.

However, there is no fixed date for Bryant’s return to the field of play.Bryant said this afternoon that the Rockies need him “to feel really strong going into the off season and that he needs to be as regular as possible off season in conversations with reporters.

Despite being in the 1st year of a seven year, $182 million contract ,Bryant has played only 42 games for the Rockies and missed three games due to lower back pain and plantar fascistic in his left leg. But even in a hitter friendly environment, while healthy, he performed at a high .306 /.376 /.475 for a .851 ops.

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