Vault News has a privacy policy:

This software collects personal information about the individuals who use it.

Some individuals may be subject to more regulations, while others may need to be more cautious. Users may discover more about the protection regulations by visiting the “Applicability” section.

A section of this material discusses Californians’ privacy rights. Much of this content is concerned with the privacy rights of persons living in the United States. You may print this page using any browser’s print command if you wish to store it for later.

Method of Data Collection:

Cookies, use data, email address, first name, last name, gender, country, and data submitted while using the Service, usernames, and User IDs are all collected from you or third-party service providers.

This privacy policy has distinct sections for each kind of Personal Data collected and explanations that display before the Data is collected. For example, the App may collect Personal Data about the User when the User provides Personal Data to the App or when the App is utilized.

If this program does not get all of the information it requires, it may be unable to perform its function. Therefore, in certain circumstances, this Application indicates that some Data is not required. If this is the case, Users have the option of not providing this Data to the Service.

Suppose they have any questions or concerns about how their Personal Data will be handled. In that case, they should contact the Owner, who may be found at: This Application and other third-party service providers utilize tracking technology such as cookies to assist the User in obtaining the Service they desire. This paragraph and the Cookies Policy, if one is provided, explain why this occurs.

Third-party Personal Data that users gather, publish, or distribute using this App is the User’s responsibility. The User agrees to provide such data to the Owner of this App.